About Us

Looking for a trip to Nepal to fulfill your lifelong dream? Kathmandu Heritage Tour is here to convert your dream into reality. With the help of our expert team, your dream will have a guarantee to turn into a dream trip.

As a trip to Nepal would not only let you experience Himalayas but also give you true opportunity to experience ancient Hindu and Buddhist culture. At Kathmandu Heritage Tour, a team of expert in culture tours and trekking is always there to plan and organize your trip making it a unique and memorable. Our goal is to convert your dream into reality with the highest level of customer service and greater attention focused on each individual.

Our dynamic, well trained and experienced staff know their job well and deliver the service as customers’ desire. It is the result of great care taken when choosing the team, only highly qualified and experienced staff are hired to ensure top quality service in all areas of our provided trip. We maintain good working relationships with all those involved and all are treated with much respect and fairness.

We believe in personalization so we design special itinerary for each individual according to their interest, level of their fitness, duration, budget etc. With Kathmandu Heritage Tour, you will discover the magnificence of Nepal with its’ hidden treasures of history, art, culture and local customs and lifestyles of its people.